5 Big Objections to Christianity, an Interview with Dr. Jerry Walls

From the Big Bang to Homosexuality to the Problem of Evil, in this interview, Dr. Jerry Walls and I answer some of the hottest objections to Christianity. To be clear: these aren’t necessarily the best objections to Christianity; they aren’t even particularly difficult; however, they are the kind of questions that ordinary church people need to really think about and be prepared to answer. If anything, we hope this interview will act as a launching point for further study and reflection.

Here are the objections we discuss:

  1. Evolution/Big Bang proves that Christianity is false. (6:30)
  2. People believe in God because of wish fulfillment. (12:50)
  3. The Bible seems like it was written by a bunch of uninformed peasants with no scientific knowledge at all. Why should we think that it’s reliable? (17:29)
  4. Christianity is against gay people. (22:05)
  5. Why do bad things happen to good people? (28:34)

This was easily one of my favorite interviews we filmed that day (the videographers said the same). Once you watch, I think you’ll know why!

Jerry Walls

Dr. Jerry L. Walls is a Scholar in Residence and Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University. His primary focus is on philosophy of religion, ethics and Christian apologetics. He has authored, co-authored, edited or co-edited more than a dozen books and over eighty articles and reviews. Among these is an influential trilogy on the afterlife, namely: Hell: The Logic Of Damnation; Heaven: The Logic of Eternal Joy; Purgatory: The Logic of Total Transformation. Click here to learn more about Dr. Walls.

Jerry was also featured on our podcast. On that episode we discussed how an all-loving God could allow anyone to go to Hell. Make sure to give it a listen if you haven’t! It was one of my absolute favorites.


Here are a couple of my favorite portraits from our session after the interview. Jerry looks kinda serious, but man-o-man is he lovable! His personality really comes through in the interview.

The Interview

The interview runs a total of 42 minutes. For a rundown of the objections we discuss, check the beginning of the post.

Once again, big shoutout to Raleigh and his wife for filming and editing this interview (as well as putting up with my directives). I plan on turning it into a podcast episode, so if you prefer to listen that way, be on the lookout. Special thanks to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Houston for allowing us to use their facilities for the interview.

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Sandra Coombs
Sandra Coombs

Fantastic interview. Thanks so much Cameron


Hey thanks so much for this. I don’t do hero worship of Christian teachers, but if I did Jerry would be at the top. What a great guy, so well thought through and a genuinely kind person who loves God and people. I be been trying to reach him to thank him for one of his books that I have been buying for all my friends and colleagues…… I am in the UK and my emails don’t seem to be getting through to HBU……,

Chris Fowler
Chris Fowler

I love Dr. Walls and greatly appreciate the interview, but am somewhat disappointed with what the piece on sexual immorality.

I am good friends with several that claim to be Christians (I do not make any judgement on this) but do not feel that engaging in homosexual sex is sinful. I wish that would have been addressed in the interview.

It seems that more and more do not feel there is such a thing as sexual immorality, unless the sex is not consensual.

Chris Fowler
ATS 2000