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Violations of rules will result in one warning and then, if the problem persists, temporary suspension or (in some cases) permanent ban. Personal attacks are subject to immediate removal.

If you would like to report a violation and/or have a question about the guidelines or anything related, please contact our admin team first. Posts such as questioning the removal of members will be removed and are subject to being classified as spam. Again, if you have questions, direct them to the admin team.

Our current admins are: Cameron Bertuzzi, Language-Gamer, and Parakletos.


  1. Do not post any material that is explicit/pornographic.
  2. Do not post any material that is intentionally misleading/false.
  3. Do not post any material that is defamatory of community members, moderators, or any other person/s.
  4. Do not post any material that is hateful and/or bigoted towards community members, admins, or any other person/s.
  5. Do not post any material that is threatening towards community members, moderators, or any other person.
  6. Do not post any material that is rude, disrespectful, insulting, etc. Show common courtesy.
  7. Do not post any material that is invasive of a community member’s, moderator’s, or any other person’s privacy.
  8. Do not post any material that is advertising and/or soliciting.
  9. Do not post any material that is contributing to derailing a thread. If you'd like to discuss a new topic, simply start a new thread.
  10. Do not spam.
  11. Show due respect to the admin team and follow their instructions when necessary.
  12. If you are suspended or banned, understand that this decision is final. Sock puppet accounts created with the intentions of disputing a suspension decision will result in a ban.
  13. Deconstructing popular memes as an exercise in rational discourse are permitted, however, as a general rule of thumb, do not use memes as a response to others in a thread aimed at serious discussion.
  14. No preaching or proselytizing.



  1. Do not skirt the boundary between your posts explicitly breaking one of the rules (such as being disrespectful toward another community member) and your posts being just good enough. Don’t be constantly insinuating and snide. The admin team will catch on and take action.
  2. Be likable. Nobody likes a jerk. Conduct yourself in a manner conducive to meaningful and respectful discourse.
  3. While we would discourage silencing dissenting opinions, here is a good example of some steps to take if you ever run into a community member that you have consistent problems with. (i.e. You are unable to participate in meaningful and respectful discourse with them.) If you are having these kinds of problems with another community member, fighting fire with fire is neither appropriate nor effective. Report posts that break the rules. Get an admin involved.
  4. Lastly, contribute! The admin team as well as the entire community (we’re sure) appreciate our contributors even if we disagree with them at times. Follow the rules and keep posting!
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