Orange is the New Black Atheism Meme

My wife and I are always searching for shows to watch together (on that note, if you know any good shows, do your civic duty and share it with us!). Most nights we settle on Office reruns, but every now and then we are feeling adventurous. Orange is the New Black was one of those adventures. A failed adventure, but an adventure nonetheless.

The first season wasn’t too bad, season two couldn’t hold our interest, and we haven’t even thought about season three. Toward the end of the first season, Piper Chapman, our brilliant (because atheist) lead character, makes her dogma clear and visible to the world. Well, maybe not to the world, but to a group of ignorant, hillbilly, fundamentalist Christians that for whatever reason are trying to baptize her in an industrial sink. Watch the clip here, read the meme version below.

orange is the new black atheism meme

It seems no where is safe from bad atheistic arguments. We can’t even avoid it in our evening entertainment! Ever since this episode, I wanted to address it. When my good friend Jon McCray from Whaddo You Meme?? asked me to do a video for his YouTube channel, I already knew: it was time to tackle the beast. While sound reason and charitable thinking aren’t exactly viral material, my hope is that those viewing will find it both enlightening and helpful. If anything it’s here for you to archive and share when your one belligerent atheist friend on Facebook shares it in unreflective triumph.

A quick disclaimer before you watch: I realize that I treat this atheistic diatribe way too seriously. The writers of this show weren’t intending to actually refute God’s existence (at least that is my hope). In any case, some of the objections are unique and others ubiquitous. I think this exercise will prove instructive.



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