Cosmic Skeptic and Inspiring Philosophy Discuss The Moral Argument

Clash of the YouTubers! Cosmic Skeptic (~200k subs) and InspiringPhilosophy (~60k subs) will be joining us live to discuss The Moral Argument. Both guests have produced videos on the subject (see below). They’ll be in dialogue about moral realism, whether God is necessary for morality, and a lot of mind-expanding topics in between.

The discussion goes live at 1pm Central (11am Pacific/2pm Eastern) on Saturday, July 21, 2018. Here’s the link to view live (and watch later):

Click Here to View the Live Event

Cosmic Skeptic

Alex J. O’Connor, our non-Christian guest, is the owner of the Cosmic Skeptic blog and YouTube channel. His channel boasts, at the time of this entry, nearly 200,000 subscribers! And it’s only been around about 2 years! Alex has certainly made a big name for himself in a very short time. To learn more about him and his reasons for creating his channel, check out his website.

Alex has recently begun posting videos relating to the moral argument (see here and here). So, I thought it best to invite him on to discuss the merits of the argument with a seasoned apologist.

Inspiring Philosophy

Michael is the Christian apologist and mastermind behind the incredibly popular “InspiringPhilosophy” YouTube channel. His channel boasts over 60,000 subscribers (at the time of this discussion) with some videos closing in on half a million views. He has several videos out on the moral argument; check out his entire playlist entitled “God, Morality, and Ethics.”. Also make sure to watch his other videos, as they are all extremely well-researched.

He also has a website, check it out here.

The Moral Argument

The Moral Argument is a subject we’ve discussed several times on Capturing Christianity. Check out the archives. Roughly, the argument goes like this:

(1) If God does not exist, moral facts don’t exist.
(2) Moral facts do exist.
(3) God exists.

IP will be taking the affirmative, while CS will be taking the skeptical position. Really looking forward to it!

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Cameron, you should do a live discussion with Mitch Stokes.