Discussion: The Argument from Motion

The argument from motion might sound simple at first, but all you’ve got to do is listen to Sterling (more info on him below) lay out the gist of the argument to get a feel for how deep this argument goes. It’s the first of Aquinas’ famous “5 Ways” or 5 Proofs of God’s existence. I would bet that many Christian apologists would deny that we can “prove” God’s existence. This runs contrary to what Aquinas believed, and indeed what many Thomists believe. Now, I am not a Thomist myself, but I am very glad to have one on. I think the argument from motion–at least what I know of it–has a lot going for it.

The discussion goes live right at 11am CST on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Here’s the link to view live (and watch later):

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Sterling Contreras, our Christian interlocutor, is an undergrad philosophy student at University of Colorado Denver. He was brought up mostly agnostic (irreligious) and found faith by examining theism about 5 years ago. He then began studying philosophy and eventually found his way to Catholicism. His interest in Thomism goes back about a year (after some phenomenological disillusionment) and has kept his interest ever since. He and his wife have begun blogging here.

Brit Abney, our atheist interlocutor, recently moved from Northern California to Southern California. He’s got a 3 years post graduate from Humboldt State University and is currently working as a potable water engineer. He will likely pursue a masters in public administration in the near future. He picked up philosophy as a hobby about 4-5 years ago simply due to personal interest in the subject of religion and morality.



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