Discussion: The Moral Argument

Tonight’s discussion is on the Moral Argument for God’s Existence. I’ve got somewhat of a love/hate relationship for this one. There are days when I think it’s a good, convincing argument, and others where I think atheists are perfectly rational in rejecting it. I plan on challenging both participants to articulate clearly their positions.

We go live right at 8pm CST on Thursday, February 23, 2017. Here’s a link to join live (and watch later):

Click Here to View the Live Event

List of participants:

  • John Cranman – Christian Theist, contributor to “Riot in Reason” podcast.
  • Cory Markum – Atheist, co-host of “Hinge” podcast, here’s his blog post on the moral argument.

Here’s the version of the moral argument we’ll be discussing:

(1) If objective moral values and duties exist, God is the best explanation.

(2) Objective moral values and duties exist.

(3) God is the best explanation. (from 1, 2)



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