InspiringPhilsophy and Cory Markum Discuss the Resurrection of Jesus

This coming Saturday I’ll be hosting an exciting, new live discussion between a Christian and an atheist on the Resurrection of Jesus. Michael, who will be defending the Resurrection, is the mastermind behind the incredibly popular “InspiringPhilosophy” YouTube channel. His channel boasts nearly 40k subscribers with some videos closing in on half a million views. I recommend checking out his series on The Resurrection and the Reliability of the New Testament.

Cory, our atheist interlocutor, is an old friend of Capturing Christianity. He’s been on the show previously where he discussed The Moral Argument for God’s existence with John Cranman. Cory exemplifies nearly every good property an atheist could be said to have. He takes philosophy seriously, he isn’t combative, he’s friendly, funny, well-read, just an all around great guy. He co-hosts a podcast called “Hinge” and blogs at Atheist Republic.

The discussion goes live right at 10am CST on Saturday, April 15, 2017. Here’s the link to view live (and watch later):

Click Here to View the Live Event



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