Interview: Tyler McNabb on Reformed Epistemology

Dr. Tyler McNabb was gracious enough to lend his time and intellect for an interview–our first ever! We split the interview into 3 parts. In part 1 we discussed Tyler’s background and how he came to be interested in philosophy. This lead to a discussion on Reformed Epistemology. Reformed Epistemology is roughly the idea that we can be justified and warranted in believing that God exists and that Christianity is true apart from arguments and evidence. For more information on Reformed Epistemology check out my 4 part series.

Parts 2 and 3 of the interview are forthcoming. In them we discuss the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism and an abductive version of the moral argument, respectively. All in all it was a very fun and enlightening interview!

Tyler McNabb is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Humanities) at Houston Baptist University. His specialization is in epistemology and philosophy of religion. In combining these two topics, his current focus has been on defending both proper functionalism and the project of Reformed Epistemology. In addition to his research, he also enjoys teaching, reading theology, witnessing, watching The Walking Dead, and eating Mexican food.

Part 1 – – Part 2 – – Part 3



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