Street Epistemologist vs Professional Philosopher: Can We Know that God Exists?

On Thursday evening, May 31, 2018 I’ll be hosting a new live discussion between Street Epistemologist Hunter Glenn and philosopher Tyler McNabb. They’ll be discussing whether or not we can know that God exists. Hunter is convinced the answer to this question is no; Tyler, yes. Their approaches, as we’ll see, will be very different.

The discussion goes live at 8pm Central (6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern) on Thursday, May 31, 2018. Here’s the link to view live (and watch later):

Click Here to View the Live Event

Tyler McNabb

Tyler is a philosopher who specializes in epistemology and philosophy of religion. Tyler enjoys talking about his faith and how it relates to his philosophy. You can find out more about Tyler by going to his website,

We’ve had Tyler on a bunch. He’s been on to talk about his testimony, the evolutionary argument against Naturalism (here and here), an abductive moral argument, and philosophical evangelism. Safe to say he’s a very good friend of Capturing Christianity!

Hunter Glenn

Hunter is an uneducated layman with an interest in philosophy and also in how people form beliefs and make choices. He believes that, “Some beliefs are sensitive and it’s hard to talk to people about them without the conversation being tense. Street Epistemology has taught me the social skills to talk to people about such beliefs in a relaxed and open way.”

Street Epistemology

Street Epistemology is a movement founded by Peter Boghossian. Although originally aimed at creating atheists, it’s primary aim is to instill doubt in others about beliefs they hold that are important to them (i.e., belief in God, belief in Karma, ghosts, and so on). I’ve written a 3-part series on it here, have had a dialogue myself with a Street Epistemologist here, and have written on how to respond to Street Epistemology here.

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Brenda von Ahsen
Brenda von Ahsen

Well at least we got a clear statement from Tyler that he prefers to believe in god even though it is not likely to be true.