My ‘Street Epistemology’ Interview on Hey Pastor

Following my debate on Unbelieveable with Street Epistemologist Pascoe Rapacci, Marc Lambert, a good friend of mine from Hey Pastor, reached out looking to do an interview on Street Epistemology (SE). We covered so many topics during our conversation that Marc felt it best to split up our interview into two parts.

For those that maybe aren’t aware, Street Epistemology is basically a method of atheistic evangelism. To survey all of the material I’ve written on the topic, click here. In this interview, we discuss problems I have with SE (methodological and epistemological) and provide responses to 5 of their most common questions. LOADS of material.

The various ways to listen to our 2-Part interview are listed below for your convenience.


Part 1 and 2 are listed at Marc’s website below. The benefit of listening there is that you’ll see a timestamped breakdown of the topics we discuss throughout each episode.

Click here for Part 1

Click here for Part 2


For direct links to the discussion, you can also listen to the episodes on YouTube. Check them out below.

Part 1

Part 2


Another way to listen is to subscribe to Marc’s podcast on Podbean. You may also listen and download the episodes directly below:

Download or listen to Part 1

Download or listen to Part 2



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