Master List of Free Resources on Reformed Epistemology

Below is a master list of free resources I’ve collected on the subject of Reformed Epistemology. Roughly, Reformed Epistemology is the view that belief in God can be rational apart from argumentation. Christian philosophers and thinkers have defended a thesis like this one for over a century, at least since William James’ famous lecture “The Will to Believe” which dates all the way back to 1896 (included below).

The resources have been separated by author. Some of the essays included are not directly related to belief in God, but are nevertheless responses or objections to evidentialism, the idea that none of our beliefs can be held without sufficient evidence. Enjoy!

William James

C. S. Lewis

Alvin Plantinga

Peter van Inwagen

Andrew Moon

Kelly James Clark

Tyler McNabb

William Lane Craig

Cameron Bertuzzi



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